Haters Gonna Hate. Why We Don't Care.

Haters Gonna Hate. Why We Don't Care.

Over on the Republican Coffee page lately we’ve been stirring up quite a few controversial conversations! Apparently just seeing a Republican Coffee post scroll by in a news feed or sidebar is enough to ignite the flamers who are anxious to insult, vilify and discredit anyone they can.

And boy, are they good at it.

Just the mention of Donald Trump is enough to set Republicans on both sides of Trump Train at each other’s throats. I’ve never seen anything like it, have you? There is no end of the insults and low blows that some supporters and protesters will throw. I mean seriously.

Many of these nasty comments, by default, are directed straight at Republican Coffee. Commenters ascribe their least favorite attributes of Trump or the Republican Coffee to our product. We’ve been called racist, we’ve been accused of selling our own mothers for money, and our coffee has repeatedly been called either weak brown water or other kinds of garbage.

All from people who know nothing about us.

What amazes me the most are the people who will say “This stuff tastes like (bleep)” and then share our image and post! These are not people who have tried Republican Coffee and found it wanting. They are just people who are offended by our existence, and take the time to make sure their social media followers know it.

Some people really need to find a new hobby.

We are as concerned about the direction our country is taking as anybody. We started this company in order to promote civil discussions and the traditional hard-working values associated with the Republican party. In the face of the continued barrage of comments and mud fights on our Facebook page, we’re more convinced than ever that America needs to return to a kinder, gentler way of asserting our opinions.

To all our haters

Republican Coffee is a small, family owned business. We are not the Republican Party. We are not a retail arm of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich (or any of the other candidates who have since left the race). We are people with access to the most incredible coffee and an idea of how to make a positive impact on our country.  Yes, I understand that you may have different ideas about how to make a positive impact. I understand that some of you (half of you) believe we are wrong. Go ahead and forget all about us and drive on. Nothing for you to see here. And as you drive on by, please remember that every social media account is actually a person. It is a small business owner or an individual who had the courage to build something, say something or create something. And even though you don’t like it, that person has feelings and hopes and dreams riding on that product or idea. Be kind.

To all our supporters

Some of you are just delightful! You faithfully like our posts, repost them, give us social media high fives. Thank you! And some of you take us at our word and give our coffee a try. We really thank you for that. It’s good coffee, and we’re proud to share it with you.

What we’ve learned and why it matters

  • No matter what you write, post or believe, someone will disagree with it. Someone will also like it. The disagreeable folk will be louder. But it doesn’t matter: we will write what we believe.
  • I try to respond to anyone who seems even slightly genuine. I’ve found that most cranky people, when confronted with a real live person, will modify their tone, apologize, and perhaps think twice before their next comment on someone else’s page.
  • Vulgarity will get deleted.
  • Our original concept is still true: America needs to remember how to have a reasoned and civil discussion.
  • The loudest people rarely buy our coffee, which makes it easier to ignore them.

Why does all this matter to you? Because we want you to know that we believe in you. We believe that there are likeminded conservatives out there who are just fed up with all the posturing, ranting and raving. You work hard. You love your country and your family. Contrary to popular opinion, you care about the fate of the world in a vacuum of American leadership. You have hearts that break, expand and remain faithful.

You are the people who matter to us.

Hopefully you like to drink high quality coffee and support a company that shares your values.

You matter.

Want to read more on this subject? Check out this article on Jon Acuff's blog. We love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized, anyway.” 

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