Republican Coffee Americana Series

Republican Coffee Americana Series

Americana has always fascinated us.

It’s the stuff of a culture, the by-product of who we are. Americana showcases our national collective memory, and reminds us of the best things in life.

It’s time to celebrate a little bit of America! We launched a brand new line of coffee called the Americana Series. Each package highlights an aspect of our culture and society. They call to mind the fundamental values that bind us together, inspire us, and make us patriots.

Buy one or collect them all! And don’t forget: these coffees make fantastic gifts for friends and relatives, especially if you do not know who your recipient is supporting! Bundle a Trump Roast with a Make America Great Again and a coffee mug.

So here they are, friends, our Americana Series.

Don’t Tread on Me

The Don’t Tread on Me flag, called the Gadsden Flag, is  a symbol of a people banding together to stand up for what is right. The first use of the image of the coiled rattlesnake was in 1754, when none other than Benjamin Franklin began calling for the colonies to unite in order to win independence. Today, the Don’t Tread on Me slogan continues to inspire us to greater unity, strength and an iron will in the face of threats to our country.  Our Don’t Tread on Me packaging -- part of our Americana Series -- celebrates that spirit of tough-minded independence that has always characterized the United States of America.

Find the Don't Tread on Me Coffee here


One Nation Under God

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

These are words so deeply ingrained into our national consciousness that they evoke every emotion of patriotism, pride in our country and “home.” While not without controversy over the years, this phrase stands for all that we love about our country, a country founded on the principles of freedom and equality. Take a stand for your country and the philosophy of our founding fathers and enjoy this fantastic coffee with your neighbors.

Find the One Nation Under God coffee here

America the Beautiful

This dearly loved song -- more singable than our national anthem and so descriptive of our amazing country -- captures the optimism that Republican Coffee strives for. Written in 1895 by Katharine Lee Bates as a poem in a contest, patriots over the years have found an anthem for our country in her beautiful words. According to history, she was inspired to write the song at the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado, with amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty spread out before her. If you have ever stood in that spot, you resonate with her beautiful words and imagery. Our America the Beautiful packaging celebrates that spirit of wild freedom, welcoming strangers and devotion to the liberty that is represented by the United States of America. Join us in raising a mug to America the Beautiful!

Find the America the Beautiful coffee here

Make America Great Again

We’ve heard this phrase repeated often by the Trump campaign, but its origins stem back to Ronald Reagan. In his 1980 nomination acceptance speech, Reagan inspired the entire nation with his ringing call to bring America back to her greatness.  His call, in part, said: “The time is now, my fellow Americans, to recapture our destiny, to take it into our own hands.  But, to do this will take many of us, working together.  I ask you tonight to volunteer your help in this cause so we carry our message throughout the land….” Recapture that stunning moment in national history when setting America back on track seemed not only possible, but inevitable. We can do it again, and we’re happy that our Make America Great Again coffee can play a part in waking America up to its destiny!

Find the Make America Great Again coffee here

Morning in America

As a coffee company committed to fostering hope and optimism in America, there is no other phrase that resonates with us more than Morning in America! On so many levels, Republican Coffee is there to support Morning in America again. Originally Ronald Reagan’s campaign theme for 1984, It was a phrase of optimism, of positivity and hope, signaling America was moving toward better and brighter days ahead. It was exactly what Americans needed to hear -- Reagan won his second term in 1984 with little resistance, even from Democratic voters!  As we move into the later stages of our presidential election of 2016, join with us in greeting Morning in America each day with a full, rich cup of Republican Coffee.

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