Spread Christmas Cheer with Coffee

Spread Christmas Cheer with Coffee

Late Christmas morning always finds us gathering for Christmas Brunch with our extended family. In the early years, it was difficult to get our little ones away from their stockings and toys in order to get to brunch on time.

My mother-in-law found a brilliant solution.

On Christmas morning she serves London Fog, which is a punch normally made with Earl Grey tea. Well our family are coffee drinkers, so she made the punch with a strong coffee instead. Delicious!

The London Fog is set out before brunch begins, so only the early birds are assured of their fill! Now we clamor to get to the in-law’s house first. Even those little ones are now big ones who need their share of the London Fog, too.

We love Coffee London Fog as a fun Christmas morning indulgence, and hope you do, too!

Republican Coffee Christmas Gift London Fog

Coffee London Fog

Brew 4 cups of very strong coffee (we always add a bit more because we are coffee lovers)

Whipped cream (use a small container of heavy whipping cream and add sugar and vanilla)

½ Gallon of Vanilla ice cream

Scoop the ice cream in the punch bowl, add the whipped cream, and pour the coffee over the top.

It’s an indulgent treat….but the kids and grandkids show up on time!