Cooking Right with Coffee!

Cooking Right with Coffee!

It's the start of a new week, friends, and we are finally getting our energy back after the rounds of entertaining, celebrating and hosting family. How about you?

We always enjoy fresh starts at the new year. This year one of our resolutions is to cook more at home and share those meals with family and friends. There is power and beauty in a meal shared around a kitchen table.

One thing I didn't learn from my mother -- but was fortunate enough to learn from other wise women -- is that your house doesn't need to be perfectly clean and your meal a gourmet creation. Throw in a crockpot recipe and sweep the Cheerios out of the way and enjoy a meal!

50 Coffee Recipes you HAVE to try with Republican Coffee

50 Recipes You've Got to Try Using Republican Coffee

We've made your life a little easier with this collection of our go-to recipes using our favorite star ingredient! You can DOWNLOAD IT FREE HERE.

Take a few minutes to browse the beautiful collection of images and recipes....I can guarantee you'll be inspired.

Want a little preview? 

Brown Sugar & Coffee BBQ Sauce and Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam

Try out these yummy condiments! Coffee ads just a depth of flavor without overwhelming the sauce. You'll love it! And won't keep you up all night.

Enjoy your meal, and let us know what you think! And if you are thinking about inviting some Democrats in, artfully display your Republican Coffee on the counter like this:

Republican Coffee on a counter to impress democrats

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