An Invitation to Cookies, Coffee and Conversation

An Invitation to Cookies, Coffee and Conversation

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We’re kind of nuts.

We still believe that people genuinely want to connect with each other, and have good discussions about things that matter. And we’re betting that you feel that way, too.

That’s why we started Republican Coffee.

Because your voice matters. Your thoughts matter. And sometimes it feels like the “Politically Correct Enforcement Team” is going to swoop down if you say what you really want to say.

I’m not talking about genuinely offensive topics, but rather the kinds of discussions that civil men and women everywhere used to have without rancor and deep resentments. Wouldn’t it be nice to discuss the particular merits and drawbacks of each political candidate without starting a snarky and vicious war? Or to watch the State of the Union together and applaud the good (yes, every State of the Union has something good in it -- even this most recent one!) while being able to disagree with particulars in policy and philosophy?

I know -- polite company doesn’t discuss religion, money or politics. But frankly, we should. Because you can’t truly know a person without understanding their religious viewpoint, and our country is drowning in debt and could use a little inspiration. And more to our point right now, there are big issues facing this country and you need to be able to look at them from all sides and come to a reasoned, defensible opinion.

But so often instead tempers flare and the introverted among us close our mouths and keep our thoughts to ourselves, letting the bold and brash have their say.

Well it’s time to find your voice.

Republican Coffee is one small step in the right direction. It almost feels contrarian and a little bit rebellious to buy a product that is so blatantly...partisan. But isn’t that your right? Even more, isn’t it your responsibility? This country needs to be adult about our politics. We need to have conversations. Real ones.

Ronald Reagan 1980 Vintage Lapel Pin

Back in the day men used to buy lapel pins to wear supporting their candidate. They would wear these pins to the office or to church and conversations would naturally follow. Don’t like the pin a certain gentleman was wearing? Well then either engage him in a spirited discussion or avoid him like the plague. Not sure about your ultimate choice? Get one of these pin-wearing men or women to elaborate on their candidate of choice. Listen, and evaluate.

Now I know that these pins are still sold on “SWAG sites” and candidate stores, so somewhere, someone is buying them.

But are they wearing them?

Republican Coffee is a little bit like one of those old political orientation pins. It’s a subtle (or not so subtle) line in the sand: this is where I stand. It’s an invitation to a conversation, and it’s a badge of tribe membership. You are not alone, you are part of this party and this candidate and this nation.

Brew a pot of coffee and invite someone to sit down with you to enjoy a time of friendly companionship. Discuss politics or not, but do it together. Let the smell of our amazing organic coffee draw you in, recharge your senses and create the feeling of home. Maybe pull a batch of cookies out of the oven.

Doesn’t it sound lovely? Doesn’t it sound like going back to a more civil, peaceful time?

To us it sounds just about perfect.