A short history of the lapel pin

A short history of the lapel pin

Ever stop to think about political lapel pins and buttons?

Me neither.

But lately I wondered when we started using our clothing collars as political statements. Turns out, we’ve been doing it for a really long time. George Washington had a political button! OK, so his really was a button, but over the years materials and attachment procedures have changed.

Abraham Lincoln was the first candidate to get his photograph on a campaign button, in 1860.

Republican Coffee: Abraham Lincoln's Campaign Button

Some candidates eschew campaign buttons in favor of the classic flag pin. In the last election cycle, Barak Obama came under fire for not wearing his flag on his lapel. The ubiquitous flag pins came into fashion during the turbulent 60’s and 70’s in a reaction to the hippie craze of wearing tattered clothing made from flags. Richard Nixon made the flag pin a must-have accessory, and few politicians today will be seen without them, though some may substitute pins of personal meaning to them.

Flag Pins in Politics by Republican Coffee

At Republican Coffee, we wanted to bring something of the retro romance of the campaign button and flag pin to our packaging and design. Each of the candidates has their own personalization on the packaging, in the style of traditional campaign buttons, stickers and pins.

Republican Coffee Donald Trump Roast

So drink up and enjoy participating in the long history of campaign partisanship! Only instead of a lapel pin or a button, display your proud and happy bag of Republican Coffee.

It just tastes better!