A DNC 2016 Primer: What to Expect in Philly

A DNC 2016 Primer: What to Expect in Philly

The Democratic National Convention is just around the corner! For those new to following politics or the junkies who just like to read anything and everything about politics and election season, this primer is for you!


Where is the 2016 DNC being held? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in The Wells Fargo Center. The DNC will run from July 25-28, and the theme is “Let’s Make History Again.” Fun fact: the DNC was hosted here in 1948, and the RNC was hosted in Philadelphia in 2000. While the RNC  theme inside was “Prosperity with a Purpose,” anti-Republican rioters caused such a problem outside of the convention that over 450 people were arrested during the RNC!

How frequently is the DNC held? In conjunction with presidential election seasons, the DNC (and RNC alike) are held every four years. The 2012 DNC was held in Charlotte, NC and the 2020 DNC location is yet to be chosen. 

How is the DNC host city chosen? The process occurs as early as 18 months-2 years out from the actual event. It is a tremendous honor for a city to be chosen to host the DNC (and RNC alike), not only for the media attention, but the event itself brings in upwards of $400 million to the local economy, boosting everything from the hospitality and travel industry to restaurants and retail. 

What happens at the DNC? The purpose of the DNC is to officially elect a nominee for the Democratic Party in the electoral race for The President of the United States as well as Vice President of the United States. This year’s presumptive presidential nominee is, of course, Hillary Clinton. The VP nominee is still unknown, though we know Sanders isn’t Hillary’s running mate. In fact, Sanders supporters have announced they will be doing a “fart-in” in protest of Hillary’s nomination. (We wish we were kidding!) Delegates in attendance must cast their vote in favor of or against Hillary, and Hillary must receive half of the total votes plus one in favor of her nomination to officially assume the role of Democratic nominee for POTUS. In addition, ground rules for the party are set for the general election season and campaign, as well as the party’s platform (principal goals to focus on when appealing to the public for their vote this fall). Bonus: There will be a 51-foot doobie parading from Philly’s City Hall to The Wells Fargo Center by marijuana activists. Yes, those in favor of even more marijuana will be marching a massive joint down the street to get their point across. 

Who attends the DNC? Democratic delegates, media and guests all attend this convention, with guests accounting for the majority of attendees at approximately 50,000 people, just over 4,700 of which are delegates. The rest are comprised of media, guests and delegate alternates. 

What’s new and exciting at this year’s DNC?  While the DNC doesn’t boast its own app like the RNC in Cleveland, there is a website that will provide live streaming of the convention, a schedule of events and speakers, logistics for delegates and a comprehensive run-down of what to do in Philly, from spending just 1 day in town, to the top 5 coffee shops, to historic landmarks to go see. 

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