Tips for Throwing A Great RNC Watch Party

Tips for Throwing A Great RNC Watch Party

Tips for Throwing A Great RNC Watch Party

Are you as excited about the RNC as we are? This is the equivalent of the Olympics for the world of politics…. It only comes around every four years!

To make the most of these highly anticipated and potentially entertaining few days, here are some tips for throwing a great RNC watch party:

  • Download the RNC 2016: Official App. It’s going to be the most up-to-date, interactive way to access the GOP Convention. Check it out via Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Get social. Yes, we mean invite your friends over to watch the live streaming action (will be on the app, as well as a few news channels), or the highlights that mainstream news media will be sure to cover. Be sure to take the obligatory group selfie photo and share it! And if you are drinking Republican Coffee (and of course you are, right?) tag us in it!
  • Hash it up. The RNC has its own hashtag: #RNCinCLE. If you’re roaming social and want to join the trending topics, be sure to tack this on somewhere.  Also great if you take the group selfie and want to show the RNC you’re supporting them!
  • Serve patriotic food and drink. Host a cookout with burgers and hot dogs, watermelon, cole slaw, and serve apple or berry pie, with fresh-brewed Republican Coffee for dessert! Want some more ideas? Check out our recipe book!
  • Wager your guesses. Who will be the elected nominee to run alongside Trump as Vice President? Have your party guests submit their guesses when they arrive and offer a door prize to whoever guesses correctly! (Hint: we have merch that would make great door prizes, a la “Wake Up, America!” mugs and prints, bags of coffee and gift sets)
  • Play Trump Bingo. Will he talk about “China,” the “Rich” and the “Poor,” or will he refer to himself in the third person? Try your luck at Trump Bingo and see! Bonus: little Trump heads are your Bingo markers. (Playing card courtesy of The Daily Beast

Trump Bingo Game Cards

Download your Trump Bingo game cards and marker pieces here!

  • Make it official. Did you know you can sign up to participate in future GOP house party events, either as a host or as an attendee? Check it out here!
  • Wear your Republican SWAG. Pull out that “Make America Great Again” hat or shirt, your flag tie or pin, or maybe even dust off the SWAG you bought when Bush, Rubio, Carson and Fiorina were still in the running. Who knows…. That old SWAG might come in handy pending the VP nomination!
  • Try your hand at RNC trivia. Hop on over to Sporcle and play Republican National Convention trivia if the sessions get boring, or before a session begins.
  • Give Thanks. This last one may seem a bit sappy, but let’s be honest… we live in a truly great nation, with great freedoms. The RNC represents the fact that our country still elects officials in a dignified, orderly way (although we know politics are always a heated and controversial issue). Let’s be thankful that we have the freedom to support who we want in elections without fear of imprisonment, the ability to openly debate with our friends on why Trump is better than Hillary, and the liberty to open our homes to hang out with friends and actually see political history taking place. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship, where things happen behind closed doors and the people are left in the dark. So above all else, give thanks for our nation and its political system!

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Get your Trump Bingo game cards!

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