We are coffee fanatics here, so when it came time to develop a coffee of our own, not just any coffee would do. We had specific criteria for our coffee.

  • We needed to know the source.
  • It needed to be 100% Organic.
  • We would only deal in Fair Trade coffee.
  • It had to please our palate but be adaptable for a wide range of coffee lovers.
  • The coffee needed to stand up to a dark roast.

We believe (R) Coffee has lived up to the challenge!


The beans come from Western Honduras, deep in the heart of the lands of the ancient Mayan Civilization. Our certified organic coffee is grown in the Copán range, above 4,000 feet in elevation, resulting in the SHG (Super High Grown) designation. SHG coffee yields a higher quality, dense bean that packs more flavor and is capable of a darker roast compared to its low-altitude, less dense cousins.

Beyond that, our coffee supports its community, in an area of Western Honduras where our roaster has personal relationships with the small lot coffee farmers. With each coffee contract that is fulfilled by the cooperative of farmers, additional industry and economic stability is injected into an area that was shaken by near bankruptcy and competition from nearby Guatemala.

This coffee, roasted to a Full Body City++ level, is a bright, clean coffee with great toffee notes in every sip. It maintains its balance and origin notes throughout the entire cup. In fact, it is such a flavorful coffee that it can stand on its own, as a single origin coffee, rather than blending with other beans.

We believe that (R) Coffee is the highest quality, most ethically sourced coffee we could find. And every time you take a sip of our deep, dark and mysterious coffee, we’re sure you will agree!