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Short Form (R)

Republican Coffee was created as a result of a passion for coffee and a mission to change the tone of the conversation in the United States. We are a strong, innovative and proud country, and we need the right coffee to fuel our plans and vision! (R) Coffee is fair trade, 100% organic, packed by hand and helps hard-working small businesses at every point in its supply chain. And with its customizable coffee bags, customers can support the candidate of their choice! Drink the right coffee, fuel the right candidate!


Long Form (R)

At Republican Coffee, we see things a little differently here in America. We want to change the conversation, to focus on the moments that connect us, and the ideals that motivate us every day. We get up every morning excited to see what we can create each day! We run businesses, grow our families and surround ourselves with other people who want to make a difference.
So when we decided to create a coffee, we knew we wanted to create something special: a fair trade, 100% organic, packed by hand and helps hard-working small businesses at every point in its supply chain.
The coffee is sourced from Honduras, where the coffee industry for small farmers single-handedly turned the country back from the brink of bankruptcy. In the years since, their coffee has grown in international reputation, even being named coffee of the year by the Specialty Coffee Association of America in 2012. The 2015/2016 crop of Honduran coffee is such a rare and prized bean that its supply is extremely limited. We are excited that Republican Coffee can offer this bean that is the foundation of economic support for the Copan region of Western Honduras.
(R) Coffee is roasted at historic Maple Mount Farm in Columbia Tennessee by an artisan family roastery, Share Collective. It is hand roasted to a second crack (City ++) before being bagged by hand to their exacting specifications.
Finally, (R) Coffee is shipped to Seagull Industries in South Florida for fulfillment. At this 501C-3 fulfillment house, adult disabled workers are provided with secure jobs and the ability to make a living for themselves. We are proud to help serve our home community by bringing jobs to this hard working but under-served population.
Drink the right coffee, fuel the right candidate!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your coffee sourced?

Our coffee is grown in Honduras, in the western Copan region. The coffee industry singlehandedly saved the region, and the country, from bankruptcy. Our coffee roaster, Steve Helm of Share Collective, spent many years developing relationships with coffee farmers in many coffee-producing countries. He knows the farmers whose beans are in every cup of (R) Coffee. We chose Honduran coffee for its superior flavor and quality, but also for its immense potential to support communities and small farmers still struggling to get on their feet.

Why isn’t your coffee grown in the USA?

We have sourced coffee from the only state in the country which produces coffee, Hawaii. While we would love to offer a Hawaiian Kona blend at some point, at this moment in time it is cost prohibitive for most of our candidates and customers.

Are you taking advantage of underprivileged families in Honduras?

No. We are helping them. Go read the story of (R) Coffee. The family farms who grow our beans have joined together in a collective to sell a legitimate, cash producing crop in the world market. Over the past 10 years, Honduras has worked hard to establish a high quality coffee crop that rivals any on the market today. This improves the economic outlook for the Western Copan area of Honduras, where our beans are grown. It is a uniquely American concept to recognize that just as a rising tide floats all boats, so does American industry and innovation lift up the world around us. In our opinion this is as patriotic a duty as sourcing everything from within the United States. We are the leaders of the world, and where we lead we endeavor to spread prosperity, pride and hard work as core values.

Is your coffee Fair Trade?

Yes! It is 100% organic, Fair Trade, SHG (Strictly High Grown) and EP (European Process), which means it is sorted by hand for only the highest quality beans.

Are all the roasts the same?

Yes, they are all our signature Honduran roast. The various candidate labels are provided so you can customize the packaging according to your candidate of choice. This makes Republican Coffee a great gift for political fans of all types. Not sure who your recipient is supporting? Opt for the Undecided Kit and give them the full selection.

Can you create a label for a local race?

We can! Republican Coffee can be used as a thank you gift for donors or a fundraising vehicle for candidates. Contact us for wholesale information.

Do you offer decaf coffee?

No, unfortunately we do not at this time. If we did, we would call it (D) coffee! If there is enough demand, we may consider it in the future.

Do you offer K-Cups?

No, we do not. Again, if we have enough demand for K-Cups we will consider creating a Republican Coffee K-Cup.

Is this coffee sold by Republican Coffee?

Yes, a

Where is your coffee processed?

All of (R) Coffee is roasted on historic Maple Mount Farm in Columbia, Tennessee by Share Collective. With a heart to connect the third world to your world, Share Collective tells the emerging hope-filled stories of small lot coffee farmers and helps to promote amazing coffees while empowering farm families at the ground level.

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