Words matter to Americans. They define us, label us, effect change and heal or wound. As business people who make our living in words and images, we are dismayed and perplexed to find our neighbors and countrymen increasingly using their words to divide and injure each other.
We live in the greatest country on earth, surrounded by opportunity unimagined in any time of history except our own! And yet we tell each other that the sky is falling! Pessimism never makes anything better: it only creates a deeper pit. And no one likes living in a pit.

We want more for our country. We want more for you!
We want to change the conversation, to focus on the moments that connect us, and the ideals that motivate us every day. We get up every morning excited to see what we can create each day! We run businesses, grow our families and surround ourselves with other people who want to make a difference.
This is America. We are proud, strong and innovative. We can solve problems our grandparents never even imagined having! We cling to our faith not so we can beat others over the head with it, but so that we can use it to guide our decisions and remind us of our true values. We share generously with the world and each other. And above all, we do it together.

Which all sounds great. But how do we make a change? 

We care enough. We care about building a uniquely American company. We care about creating a product that not only is good, but also does good. We care about using the goods and services offered by our neighbors and friends. And we care about supporting the values and ideals that are important to us along with the men and women who hold those values.
We realize, quite honestly, we wouldn’t have the energy to care if it weren’t for our love affair with...

Coffee is a unique product. It is craved all over the world, but often grown in poor and developing countries. The development of the coffee market has literally turned small national economies around and saved them from crippling poverty. It is a quality product, and something that unites most of us. There is nothing better than a good conversation over a cup of coffee!


Our coffee is roasted on Cape Coral, Florida. Just minutes away from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Each batch is hand roasted and hand packed by a small family team of  artisans who understand the perfect roast required for such a high-quality bean.

And the story continues.
(R) Coffee is is about relationships and small business. Once roasted we pick up each batch as we personally fulfill each order from packaging to shipping. 

Finally, you become part of the (R) story, too. You have your own American dreams, and those dreams need fuel! And you have a voice, a voice you want to use not to tear down others, but to build up the men and women who hold your ideals. You want to support your candidates, declare your allegiance, and spread the values that guide you. (R) can help with that.
We like to think that (R) Coffee puts a little “Zing” in the Republican message!

Republican Coffee...the Right Coffee for the Right time. Together, let’s wake America up; it’s morning again and it’s going to be a beautiful day!