Keeping track of Republican Math: The Race for Delegates

Keeping track of Republican Math: The Race for Delegates

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Today we have a roundup of articles our staff has been reading and discussing from around the internet. Everyone -- whether a Trump supporter or foe -- is busily counting delegates, rearranging scenarios and essentially letting their inner "war game geek" out as they consider options. Read them for yourself.

We found the article from NPR on 1976 to be oddly comforting. There truly is nothing new under the sun. And sometimes these moments of turmoil setup the moment of greatness to follow. Keep dreaming, friends.

Ronald Reagan and Ford in the last convention floor battle; Republican Coffee

1976 - Our Last Republican Convention Floor Brawl

Great article on the last time the Republicans duked it out on the floor of the convention. In this year, the delegate battle was between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and was so virulent that there were even several physical skirmishes on the convention floor! 

What's that Math Again?

This CBS News article takes a look at the delegate strategies of each candidate, including potential pathways forward. Worth the read before Super Tuesday tomorrow.

Trump Will Win, But Cruz Will Be in Position

A piece that looks at the post-Trump positioning for Cruz and other Republican leaders.

Florida Dreaming for Marco Rubio?

The latest on Florida's battleground, with a brief look at Ohio as well. Tomorrow is going to be a big day!

John Kasich's Mathematical Nightmare

Analysis of John Kasich's uphill battle, and why it may be mathematically impossible.