Post Super Tuesday: America is Great

Post Super Tuesday: America is Great

"There is a profound difference between information and meaning." (Warren G. Bennis)

In the post-Super Tuesday analysis, it is easy to get caught up in the political process. Everyone is estimating delegate counts, counting the number of states left to vote, parsing the meaning of exit and victory speeches, theorizing on running mates and third party runs.

It is overwhelming.

Maybe it's time to stop looking at so much information, and focus on the meaning, instead. 

If there is one thing that Trump's campaign has illustrated, it's that there are a whole lot of people out there who care deeply about our country. Some of them have never voted before, not believing they could make a difference. He has convinced them they can.

Ted Cruz is energizing a different segment of the voting public, inspiring them with hope in the constitution, the process, the return to classic conservatism. 

John Kasich has reminded us all that there are voters who want a civil, reasoned process, one that stays above the fray. 

Even Marco Rubio, in suspending his campaign and evaluating where he can best serve his country, illustrates that our election process is pretty amazing. We don't, generally speaking, shoot our losing candidates. They remain in the public discourse, adding their opinions and working for their country -- albeit not in the capacity they had anticipated.

My friends, take the furor over this election as a sign that people care deeply about the United States of America. They care with passion, and commitment. Some of them -- alarmingly -- care with tattoos! 

That sentiment is the very thing that makes America so great. I'm not saying that Donald Trump's quote doesn't resonate -- we all understand that we would like to see America at the top of the leaderboard once more. But America is already great. 

We are a physically great country, with stunning mountain ranges, beaches, plains, and lakes. We are an innovative country, with beautiful cities that teem with creativity. And we are a socially great country, with imperfect people who continually strive to be a better people. We care, even when it seems like we don't. 

So in the aftermath of Super Tuesday and the continuing battle of primary season, take a moment or two to forget about information and remember the meaning: the love of our country, our neighbors, and our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.