Republican Coffee Gifts for Patriots

Republican Coffee Gifts for Patriots

Republican Coffee is nearly 6 months old now, and we've learned a lot about you since we began offering our coffee to you! 

Want to know what we have learned?

For one thing, you all just love to give gifts! The majority of our sales have been gifts for Republicans all over the country. You've given Republican Coffee for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, and for no reason at all. And from what we've heard back from  you, your recipients are enjoying the novelty of Trump Roast, Make America Great Again, and the cast of candidates who are no longer with us. you think that Kasich Roast and Christie Roast are collector's items now??? 

We'd like to offer some suggestions for you, our gift loving Republicans. 

The complete Americana Series

Republican Coffee Americana Series

The Americana Series is the perfect gift for a truly coffee-loving patriot. Each bag is dedicated to another facet of our American life.

Don't Tread on Me is an homage to the revolutionary spirit that founded our country. It is the rallying cry of rebels everywhere!

One Nation Under God reminds us of the principles that led to the founding of this country, as well as the direction towards which we wish to walk.

America the Beautiful is engraved into our national consciousness, and a pretty good descriptor of our country! (Look for a travel guide to great American spots soon!)

Morning in America reminds us of the optimism of the Reagan years, and the feeling that together we can accomplish great things.

Make America Great Again hardly needs an explanation, except to say that t was coined by Reagan before it was used as Donald Trump's campaign slogan.

The Candidate Series

Well, we have one roast left.

Trump Roast.

Trump Roast is the most popular coffee of all those we sell. It makes a great gift for the Trump supporter. And while we don't recommend it...we hear it also makes a great gift for the democrats on your list. I guess it is the coffee they will hate to love? Pair it with a Make America Great Again roast for the complete package.

Republican Coffee Classic is always a classy gift

Republican Classic Roast makes a fine gift for the establishment crowd. It calls to mind the classic Republican platform, and reminds us all that there is a reason we hold tight to conservative principles. 

Add some fun to your Republican Coffee gift!

Want to spice up your gift? Throw in a mug or two, featuring our (R) logo on one side and Wake Up, America! on the other side. Or add the Republican Declaration, a distillation of the values that guide us onto a typographical print suitable for framing.

Why Republican Gifts?

Because you need to know that you are not alone. You could give dear old dad a tie for Father's Day, or a subscription to another magazine he isn't going to read. Instead, give him a gift that he can share with his family and friends. Give him a cup of coffee that is not only delicious, but is supporting hard-working Americans all through the supply chain. Give him a way to show his party loyalty -- much better than a lapel pin which has no lapel to live on! 

Don't forget yourself!

Keep a steady supply of Republican Coffee on your counter ready to go. In case you are wondering, our average coffee drinker goes through two pounds a month of coffee. With free shipping over $50, stock up ahead for convenience!

And oh yes....Thank You!

Thank you for your purchases which help us keep Republican Coffee running fully caffeinated. Thank you for pinning us, sharing us and helping us to spread the word across the net. And thank  you for telling others about Republican Coffee's mission to promote civil conversations with a fun product. 

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions or -- especially -- feedback. We work with organizations and individual political campaigns to create custom packaging options for Republican Coffee for fundraising, and we offer wholesale pricing for large orders. So get in touch and let's see what we can create together!

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