Republican Coffee on Hello Giggles

Hello, fellow coffee-loving fanatics! Look what we found… Republican Coffee was featured by Hello Giggles ( under their “Let’s Get Political” section in their article, “Perfect Political SWAG No Matter Which Candidate You’re Voting For”!! See the article here.

While the Cruz Roast is the one that was featured back in this April article (and has since been discontinued), we have the same amazing coffee available through our Etsy store, Pinterest, and our website! It’s organic, fair-trade, single-origin, small producer farmed Honduran coffee, hand-roasted and created just for you in the foothills of middle Tennessee at our coffee roastery! We’re featuring a new collection called “The Americana Series,” where you can pick up a bag of “Don’t Tread On Me!” or “America the Beautiful” coffee, or you can check out our classic coffee roast. If you’re feeling feisty, grab a bag or two of Trump Roast to enjoy and share with your friends!

Thanks Hello Giggles for featuring our coffee – we agree that it’s the perfect political SWAG, too!

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