Stand Up, Stand Out!

Stand Up, Stand Out!

The rundown of Republican candidates might be the longest list ever for POTUS hopefuls. Not to mention those who considered running but dropped out, and those like Romney who simply said “no thanks” since the list was already such an extensive circus. To quote Romney: “I did not want to make it more difficult for someone else to emerge who may have a better chance of becoming the president.” I bet you’re thinking you wish more of these candidates would have had the same frame of mind.

How are these candidates setting themselves apart so they don’t become part of the Republican white noise?

Donald Trump

Standing out is never a problem for Donald Trump, as his recent withdrawal from the Fox New debate proves! Trump as always is making headlines with his ever-growing list of endorsements, including former presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. He appeared at Liberty University recently and Falwell Jr. called him “A breath of fresh air.” A few months ago, he purchased the domain for and it now redirects to his website. Touché, Mr. Trump.

Ted Cruz

Cruz took to social media a few months back, doing a Buzzfeed video at the end of an interview as an “audition for The Simpsons,” doing impersonations of various characters from the long-running show. This wasn’t totally harebrained, as going viral keeps your name at the forefront of peoples’ minds.

John Kasich

There’s talk that OH Governor Kasich will already be endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party for president, an unprecedented move in an open primary, two months before the state’s primary election, that’s getting some heat and gaining attention.

Carly Fiorina

Fiorina has gone after Hillary Clinton numerous times as one of her most vocal opponents, even holding a news conference outside of Clinton’s office as a taunt. Just a couple of days ago, Fiorina hijacked a preschool field trip to use the kids as props at her anti-abortion rally.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee is keeping it classy and relatively low-key. Instead of resorting to mud-slinging, he’s jumping in to play bass with a band in the midst of his stop in Iowa.

Ben Carson

Carson played a game of fruit basket turnover with his staff at the turn of the New Year that drew quite a bit of attention, and his former staff shook things up last fall when they released a rapper ad on radio that a horrified Carson claims he didn’t know about or approve.

With our candidates fighting to keep their names at the forefront, how do YOU show your support so you really feel like you’re making a difference? We have some ideas for you, some subtle, some extremely bold, and some well, simply outrageous and we included them for the sake of entertainment.

  • Attend the nearest rally with a group of your fellow supporters. 
  • Get a tattoo of your candidate’s face or campaign logo. Check out these Trump tattoos!
  • Update your desktop background to your candidate’s headshot. Who wouldn’t want to stare at Ted Cruz’s mug all day long?
  • Change your ringtone to be a clip of Trump saying, “Make America Great Again!”
  • Write a song for your candidate to the tune of an old hymn. (No really, a group did this for Hillary Clinton! Check it out if you dare.)
  • Pick up some Republican Coffee gear, including a bag of coffee representing your favorite candidate, and rock that “Wake Up, America!” mug and bag of coffee everywhere you go. (Our staff’s favorite choice!)
  • Wear an “I Heart Carly” shirt to the gym.
  • Be one of those brave souls who dons a “Rubio 2016” bumper sticker on your car. 
  • Host a debate party at your house, serve Republican Coffee and try your hand at debate bingo!

Whatever you choose to do, stand up for who you believe is the best candidate and don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd!

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