Republican Coffee, Christianity, and Casting our Votes

Republican Coffee, Christianity, and Casting our Votes

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Before long die will be cast that will send our country hurtling in a new direction. We will collectively go to caucuses and polls across the country, cast our votes, narrow our fields and begin the transition of power from one administration to another.

As Americans, we will do all this with a great deal of grumbling, but no bloodshed. That strikes me as a miracle every election season, even the elections which my party has lost.

Today it seemed good to just be real for a few moments. Are you up for that?

Republican Coffee is a small company. We love our country. We love coffee. We put the two into a business we can care about.

But it’s more than that, too.

We want to change the tone of conversation around the country. We know that you are having difficult conversations with friends and acquaintances -- anyone who has an opinion on the election, frankly. And sometimes those conversations are frustrating and hurtful. We’re always amazed at what people will say to others of a different viewpoint, especially over social media.

Christians first, business second

Beyond the civility of politics (or lack thereof), we want to change the tone of conversation because we are Christians. Isn’t it amazing that in this moment of time, it’s politically incorrect to even say that? Nonetheless, we take that faith seriously. So during this turbulent election season, we wanted a way to connect with other Americans who are struggling to find the pathway to patriotism, hard work and national pride. We’re only one small voice in the country, but we can do our part.

Today, as we begin casting our votes and steering the next four years of our nation’s history, we want you to know that we appreciate each and every one of you who has seen the value in our coffee, in our company, and in our mission.

We pray for you. Seriously. Every order that comes in, we stop and read your names, your addresses. We wonder what circumstances life finds you in, and we pray for you. We pray that you will have strength of your convictions and know how to articulate them. That you have the love of family and friends around you, and that together you will find the right answers for your community. We pray for the peace of our country, the direction of our country, and the men and women who are asking to lead us all into the future.

So, so politically incorrect to tell you all that our business is praying for you. I’m pretty sure there will be some nasty comments stemming from this moment of transparency. But maybe, just maybe, there will also be the realization that you are not alone.

These are times filled with destiny and direction. So lead the way, Iowa. Start us off to a new chapter. We believe in you.

Want to know what else we stand for? Read our company Declaration here.