Republican Coffee's Drinks to Fuel your Fourth

Republican Coffee's Drinks to Fuel your Fourth

Planning ahead for Fourth of July BBQ's? Well you are going to need a little extra fuel to celebrate in style! We've gathered a few fun drink recipes to kick off your summer. Enjoy!

Red, White and Blue Themed

Republican Coffee Coffee Drinks: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Vanilla Bean Frappucinno

  • 1 cup Ice
  • 1½ cup Milk
  • 3 scoop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • ⅛ tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Whipped Cream (optional)

Blend all ingredients except the whipped cream. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy!

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Captain America Kids Drink: Red, White and Blue!

Red White and Blue drink: Republican Coffee

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 can of Cherry Sprite
  • 1 oz of Grenadine
  • 1/4 cup of Pina colada mix
  • 1 Cup of Blueberry koolaid ( we used the Koolaid water flavoring squirt bottle)
Directions for your Captain America Kids Drink:
  1. Fill 1 large glass with ice
  2. Pour the Cherry sprite with Grenadine 1/3 of the way full ( Grenadine gives it the bright red color )
  3. Now add the Pina colada mix 1/3 of the glass ( you are layering this )
  4. Pour on top blueberry Koolaid in 1st fill 1/3 of the way
  5. Garnish with a Star and Stripes straws found at any craft store and Cherries {optional}

Tip: If you have a taller glass, you could repeat the steps 2-4. And of course, for the adults… you could always spike this drink to give it a little “flavor”

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Copycat Red Robin Strawberry Lemonade

Red Drinks for Fourth of July: Republican Coffee


  • About 12 large fresh strawberries
  • 9 - 10 lemons
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups water 


  1. Squeeze juice out of lemons. Save the rinds of one lemon. Refrigerate.
  2. In a saucepan, bring water, 1 1/2 cup sugar, and saved lemon rind to a boil, stirring regularly to dissolve sugar. Set syrup aside to cool.
  3. Chop the strawberries into large chunks.
  4. Add the remaining 1/2 cup sugar to strawberries. Mix well and set aside for about 45 minutes.
  5. Strain the strawberries out. Refrigerate the strawberries until ready to serve.
  6. In a pitcher, combine lemon juice, syrup and strawberry syrup. Refrigerate.
  7. When ready to serve, add about a tablespoon of strained strawberries to the drink for extra flavor and garnishing.

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Patriotic sparkling Red, White and Blue Sangria

Sparkling Patriotic Red, White and Blue Sangria


1 bottle dry white wine (I used chardonnay)
2 cups (1 pint) fresh blueberries
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 cup apple juice (or white grape juice)
1 pound fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1 bottle champagne (or any variety of sparkling white wine)
3-4 Granny Smith apples (*or see alternatives below)


Stir together white wine, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and apple juice together in a large pitcher. Cover and refrigerate for 1-4 hours, so that the flavors can meld. (Heads up that the longer the mixture sits, the more red it will become.)

When you're ready to serve the sangria, gradually stir in the champagne and apples and ice. Serve immediately.

*Other options for the "white" fruit could include fresh pears, jicama, pineapple or starfruit.

**If you would like the tiered red, white and blue presentation in individual glasses that I used, just add extra red berries to the bottom of empty serving glasses, followed by a layer of blueberries, then strain out the sangria wine, and add some apple stars on top.

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Coffee Based Drinks to Sip in the Sun!

Iced Caramel Mocha

Republican Coffee: Iced Caramel Mocha


8 ounces coffee, prepared
2 tablespoons hot chocolate mix
1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping
¼ cup milk
coffee cubes (optional)
whipped cream and additional caramel, to garnish (optional)


Whisk together coffee, hot chocolate mix, caramel and milk.
Pour over coffee cubes or ice cubes.
Garnish with whipped cream and additional caramel, if desired.

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Coffee Mint Julep

Republican Coffee Mint Julep Recipe


4 ounces of cold brew
Ice crushed with a mallet
Minted simple syrup to taste
Fresh mint sprig

1. Place coarsely crushed ice in a stainless steel julep vessel (only handle the tops and bottom to achieve that classic julep frost on the cup).
2. Add four ounces of cold brew and a splash of mint simple syrup.
3. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.
4. Sip and enjoy.

Condensed Milk Iced Coffee

Sweetened Condensed Milk Iced Coffee: Republican Coffee


4 cups of very strong coffee, hot
¼ cup condensed milk (more or less, depending how sweet you like it)
6 cardamom pots, optional
2 cups whole milk


In a serving pitcher, add the hot coffee and mix in the condensed milk. Add the cardamom seeds and let the coffee cool. Once cooled, remove the cardamom seeds and add the whole milk. Place it in the refrigerator until really cold. Serve over ice. 

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Copycat Chick Fil A Frosted Coffee

Copycat Chick Fil A Frosted Coffee: Republican Coffee


1 cup Dark Roast Coffee Beans
2 cup cold Water
4 cup Edy’s Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream (about 8 scoops)


Coarsely grind coffee beans.
Place ground coffee in large container with water and allow to steep in refrigerator overnight.
Strain through cheese cloth of filter to remove beans.
Add one cup of coffee to two cups of ice cream in blender.
Run until consistency of milk shake. Repeat for other serving

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Ready to Fuel your Fourth? Get Republican Coffee now! 

Fuel Your Fourth of July: Republican Coffee Drinks for Summer