Ten Health Benefits for Coffee Drinkers

Ten Health Benefits for Coffee Drinkers

It’s good for your teeth. No, really! Brazilian researchers found that drinking black coffee kills the bacteria on teeth that lead to cavities. Adding milk and/or sugar to your coffee negates this effect though. In addition, drinking coffee may help protect against periodontal disease and shows a protective benefit for your teeth (though coffee may still stain them over time).

Health Benefits of Coffee: Republican Coffee

Protection against melanoma. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the risk of melanoma decreases with coffee consumption and the risk continues to decrease with every cup consumed.

Antioxidant boost. Oxidizing agents cause your skin to age; coffee naturally has antioxidants, and drinking a typical serving of it gives you a higher level of antioxidants than a serving of blueberries, raspberries or oranges. Another antioxidant benefit is that coffee can help prevent retinal damage.

Drink coffee, live longer? A study in Japan showed a 24% less risk of dying early from disease for men who consumed three cups of coffee per day or more. Another study from Harvard showed the benefit of drinking 1-5 cups per day and that it helped avoid diseases linked to premature death.

Live longer with coffee: Republican Coffee

Reduced liver cancer risk. Consuming 1-3 cups per day reduces your risk of developing liver cancer (the most common type of cancer) by 29%.

Stronger DNA. The European Journal of Nutrition published a study showing that coffee drinkers have a stronger DNA integrity. The white blood cells of coffee drinkers had a much less recurrence of DNA strand breakage over non-coffee drinkers.

Reduces depression and suicide risk. The Harvard School of Public Health published a study showing that women consuming four or more cups of coffee daily had a 20% less likely chance of suffering from depression, and a separate study, over the course of 10 years with 86,000 female nurses showed a smaller risk of suicide in those who were coffee drinkers.

Pain reducer. Did you know that having two cups of coffee post-workout can cut your muscle pain by up to 48%? Just make sure to stay hydrated though… coffee is a natural diuretic, too!

Sharper mental function. Drinking coffee can help protect your risk against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Additionally, as a stimulant, it decreases both mental and physical fatigue, can improve short-term memory, reaction accuracy and decision-making.

A cup of joe can help you….go. Yes, coffee can help you stay, uh, regular. Besides the caffeine acting as a stimulant, the acidity of coffee helps your stomach secrete gastric acid to break down proteins, and chlorogenic acid in coffee pushes content into the small intestine more quickly. Additionally, gastrin and cholecystokinin, hormones that stimulate colon muscles and regulate digestion processes, are boosted when you drink caffeine. Dare we say, bottoms up?

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Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee: Republican Coffee

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